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Minister Touts’ Religious Tolerance at Iftar Observation at Ministry Of Finance

Minister Touts’ Religious Tolerance at Iftar Observation at Ministry Of Finance

Accra, 4th April 2024 - The Minister for Finance, Dr Mohammed Amin Adam has urged staff of the Ministry of Finance to continue to live in the spirit of unity and brotherliness. 

 He made this known when Muslims in the ministry and invited Imams and Muslim leaders joined the Minister to perform Iftar, the meal eaten by Muslims to break their fast after sunset every day during Ramadan.  

 Muslims the world over are observing the Holy Month of Ramadan, a period of fasting for spiritual renewal and profound transformation which is one of the five pillars of Islam. It strengthens the bond between the individual and the divine, enriches the sense of community, and reinforces the virtues of empathy and generosity. 

 According to Dr Amin Adam, the blessings that followed the Ramadan was enormous and one shows commitment and obedience to Allah by abstaining from pleasures of life in that moment of closeness with his maker. 

Citing some Quran verses, the Minister encouraged the gathering stating, “regardless of our religious persuasions, there is something that unites us and that is our resolve to serve the country and so, for these sacrifices, I know that it will not be in vain, and Allah will continue to shower blessings on our country”. 

He commended the Chief Director and organizers of the Iftar and noted that the gesture demonstrated an inclusive approach to governance and underscored the importance of respecting religious diversity in society. 

 ‘’Performing Iftar at the Ministry of Finance further emphasizes the commitment to religious tolerance and inclusivity within the ministry. This act not only symbolizes the recognition and respect for the Muslim community's traditions, but also signifies a broader message of unity and solidarity among all citizens, regardless of their religious backgrounds,” he added. 

 Dr Mohammed Amin Adam noted that, by recognizing the value of diversity and promoting inclusivity, the ministry could harness the collective strengths of staff to create a more equitable, harmonious environment for work to thrive. 

 Present at the event were, the Minister of State designate at the Ministry of Finance and MP for Atiwa East, Hon Abena Osei Asare, Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, Hon. Michael Opare, Chief Director of the Ministry, Ms Eva Mends, Commissioner General of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Madam Julie Essiam, and other Directors of the ministry, the ministries enclave Imam and other leaders of the Muslim community. END