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About MoF


To be recognized as a highly professional institute dedicated to

  • Providing quality financial management
  • Improving accountability
  • Ensuring good economic governance.



The Ministry of Finance exists to ensure macro-economic stability for promotion of sustainable economic growth and development of Ghana and her people through:

  • The formulation and implementation of sound financial, fiscal and monetary policies.
  • Creating an enabling environment for investment. In furtherance of the foregoing the Ministry is committed to the pursuit of excellence, transparency, probity and accountability in the management of financial resources.
  • Establishing and disseminating performance-oriented guidelines and accurate user- friendly financial management information systems.
  • Efficient mobilisation, allocation and management of financial resources.



  • To allocate and manage financial resources efficiently, effectively and rationally
  • To formulate and implement sound macro-economic policies.
  • To reduce and restructure the Domestic debt
  • To improve Public Expenditure Management
  • To pursue prices and Exchange rate stability
  • To account for all Public Finances properly
  • To improve the human resources and Institutional Management Capacity
  • To improve Fiscal Resource Mobilization
  • To strengthen private sector



  • Formulate and implement sound fiscal and financial policies
  • Effective mobilization and efficient allocation of resources
  • Improve public financial management

We are responsible for:

  • Mobilization of external and internal resources
  • Allocation of resources to all sectors of the economy
  • Ensuring sustainability of public debt
  • Preparation and implementation of the annual budget and economic and financial statement of Government
  • Management of public expenditure
  • Development and implementation of financial sector policies