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Presentation On the New PFM Act by Acting Chief Director

As you know, the Ministry has been implementing major structural reforms in Budgeting, Accounting, Payroll management, Revenue management, Debt management and Auditing over the past five years. We believe that the passage of the law will tie some of the key reforms together and provide a more coherent and overarching framework for the fiscal management of the public sector.

In addition, the Act will underpin Ghana’s ongoing reforms designed to address persistent weaknesses and promote fiscal discipline, transparency and accountability. It will help improve credibility of the budget, the predictability during budget execution, strengthen expenditure controls and reduce cash rationing, all of which contribute to improving the overall financial management of the public sector.


  We strongly believe that this Media briefing will help communicate and publicize to our Key PFM Stakeholders and the general public of the passage of the PFM Bill into an Act. In addition, it will provide key highlights and the far reaching implications with regard to the sanctions as covered in the Act on the use of public funds among others.