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National Housing and Mortgage Fund (NHMF) Survey

National Housing and Mortgage Fund (NHMF) Survey

The growing Ghanaian population has continued to widen the housing deficit which is estimated at 2 million housing units. The Government of Ghana has intervened in the housing situation in the country to provide affordable housing especially for public sector workers. 

The Government through the 2018 Budget and Economic Policy has approved the establishment of a National Housing and Mortgage Finance Scheme to provide extensive construction of residential housing across the country to promote social equity and stimulate the economy. In this regard, the Ministry of Finance has designed a Scheme and set up the National Housing and Mortgage Finance Fund to address the two (2) main constraints to home ownership by Ghanaians — access to mortgages to buy homes by low to middle income earners and high cost of financing for the construction of residential homes; and to ensure sustainability in the opportunity to own homes by large segment of Ghanaians.

Through the Scheme, Government will facilitate cheaper local currency mortgage loans to workers and construction finance to real estate developers and encourage the building of communities across the country. The scheme will also allow low income public workers to rent property at affordable rates from Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) under the Rent to Own Scheme.  Currently, Government through National Housing and Mortgage Fund (NHMF) has partnered three Banks - Stanbic, Republic and GCB Bank Limited to deliver cedi mortgages at affordable interest rates to Public Sector workers and construction finance to local developers. 
The Government has also partnered GCB Securities to establish the first Affordable Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) to purchase properties and rent them at affordable rates to public sector workers for a period of 15 to 20 years after which they pay a residual value to own it. REIT has identified properties at TDC Community 22 Affordable Housing Enclave for the pilot phase.

In line with the housing project, NHMF has designed a survey to capture data to understand the housing needs and preferences of public sector workers. The survey will allow the fund to understand housing preferences in terms of property locations, house types, etc. to better serve the housing needs of public sector workers.
We will appreciate if you can complete the survey below to allow us to capture necessary data to serve your housing needs.

For the mortgage product, kindly visit any branch of GCB Bank, Republic Bank and Stanbic Bank for more information and pick up application forms or send an email to

For the REIT properties, kindly call +233 200 115 061/ +233 550 475 818 or email for enquiries.