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Bond Investors

Medium Term Debt Management Strategy

The 2018 - 2021 Medium Term Debt Management Strategy (MTDS) is the second to be published since the implementation of the Public Financial Management Law in 2017.

Annual Borrowing & Recovery Plan

The Ministry of Finance is committed to ensuring transparency, accountability and predictability of Government's borrowing operations.

Annual Debt Management Report

The public debt in Ghana is defined to include all borrowings by the Central Government and those guaranteed by Government for the benefit of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

The current primary governing law for debt management is the Public Financial Management Act, 2016 (Act. 921).

Investor Call Presentation

2018 and the medium term will focus on:

  • Consolidating the economic gains we made in 2017
  • Executing our transformational agenda
  • Continuing with our structural reforms to ensure irreversibility