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Ghana Public Private Partnership Bill

The provision of public infrastructure and services is one of the prime mandates of Governments all over the world. Infrastructure (roads, power, rail, water and sanitation, sea and airports, among others) is a fundamental prerequisite for economic growth and development.

In addition, social and community infrastructure including education and health facilities, public housing and buildings, social, cultural and commercial facilities and infrastructure are essential in modern societies. All across the world studies have consistently shown the close relationship between infrastructure and economic output.

However, fiscal constraints experienced by countries have resulted in the development of new and innovative approaches to the provision and financing of public infrastructure and services. The traditional role of the Government as the primary infrastructure and public service provider is gradually being supplemented with private sector expertise and financing.

Accordingly, the Government of Ghana seeks to promote a combination of policy and legal reforms, financing mechanisms, incentives and institutional support to bolster private sector participation in the provision of public infrastructure and services through Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements.

The Government on 3rd June, 2011 adopted the National Policy on PPPs to provide the initial framework for a better organized implementation of PPPs in Ghana. This Act is being promulgated to put in place the legal framework pursuant to the National Policy on PPPs.

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