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Call for Application: NIE of the Green Climate Fund



The Ministry of Finance invites applications from eligible organizations for accreditation support as National Implementing Entities (NIEs) for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) set up under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

2.       The GCF, which has its secretariat at Songdo, Republic of Korea, serves as an operating entity of the financial mechanism of the UNFCCC with the primary focus of mobilizing and disbursing long-term finance for climate change initiatives in developing countries. The Fund is set up to promote a paradigm shift towards low-emission and climate-resilient development pathways through the mobilization of funds from the developed world and, leveraging financial resources to support efforts in developing countries targeted at combating  climate change.

3.       The GCF has a Board in place to supervise and approve mitigation and adaptation programmes and projects of developing countries of which Ghana is a part. Ghana, therefore, is eligible for funding from the GCF and can seek financial support through International, Regional or National Implementing Entities from the Fund to undertake climate change mitigation and adaptation programmes and or projects.

4.       Per the governing instrument of the GCF which can be accessed at, programmes and projects can be submitted by accredited NIEs to the GCF following no-objection from the National Designated Authority (which is the Ministry of Finance in the case of Ghana).

5.       The NIE, if accredited by the GCF Board, will be accountable to the Board for all resources received from the Fund for programmes and projects.

6.       As part of the process to identify and select potential NIEs for preparation and the submission of accreditation application to the GCF, this notice, is hereby, given and applications in the format as given in Annex A are invited (with reference to the GCF Application form to be obtained from ).

7.       The applicant organizations must meet the fiduciary principles and standards, the environmental and social safeguards, and gender policy, as given in the operational policies and guidelines of the GCF Board for accessing resources from the Fund. The links to these documents are as follows:




8.       Interested organizations may submit their applications to the Ministry of Finance for consideration and selection and subsequent recommendation for accreditation by the GCF Board. The applications with the required information and supporting documentation (as indicated in Annex A and the NIE self-assessment checklist) should be submitted within 14 working days of publication of this call for application. Further information on this call for application can be accessed on the Ministry of Finance website: 

9.       Applications should be submitted to:

The Focal Point
Real Sector Division
3rd Floor, Room 302 of the New Block
Ministry of Finance, P. O. Box MB40

Tel: 0302747197 EXT. 6902


10.     Selection of NIEs will be done in accordance with the GCF requirements and credentials as presented by interested applicant organizations.

Major (Rtd.) M. S. Tara
Chief Director, Ministry of Finance
for Minister

…….. October, 2015



Format for Application As National Implementing Entity (NIE) for the Green Climate Fund


1. Name of the Organization

2. Name of the Authorized Person

3. Contact No.

4. Address with Email

5. Financial Capacity Category: The size of an individual project or activity the organization is capable of managing. Indicate which category you are applying for accreditation. Whether Micro (less than or equal to USD10million, Small (above USD10million and up to and including USD50million), Medium (Above USD50million and up to and including USD250million), or Large (Above USD250million).

6. Competencies and specific capabilities – Details to be provided as per the requirements listed in the Fund’s Fiduciary standards, Environmental and Social safeguards and Gender policy per the links provided in the notice. It is expected that applications will be accompanied by supporting documentary evidence for meeting the Fund’s requirements for accreditation. The applicants must strictly adhere to the requirements specified under the Fiduciary standards, Environmental and Social safeguards and Gender policy of the GCF and the documentary evidence should follow the guidance provided in the GCF Accreditation application form available on

7. Signature of the Authorized Person, Place and Date:

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