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Justice and Attorney-General's Department

The Ministry of Justice and Attorney General’s Department has established with specific functions in the 1992 constitution. Various provisions Articles 88 of the 1992 constitution, relating to legal issues , to assist Government, usually personified  in the President, to shall be principal legal adviser to the Government.
In furtherance of its statutory role, the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General’s Department implements seven (7) core objectives viz: 
Develop the Capacity of the legal system to enhance speedy and affordable access to justice for all.
Review 1992 Constitution and Conflicting Acts of Parliament towards amendment where necessary.
Promote transparency and accountability and reduce opportunity for rent seeking.
Effective public awareness creation on laws for the protection of vulnerable and excluded.
Improve accessibility and use of existing database for policy formulation, analysis and decision making.
Ensure efficient internal revenue generation leading to financial autonomy of districts.
The foregoing objectives are to enable the Ministry achieve her goals of being principal legal adviser of the Government, initiation and conduct of all prosecutions of criminal offences in the most efficient and cost effective manner to support the attainment of the national goal.
Below are resource materials including the Ministry’s Strategic Plan and several examples from different countries to help develop your own budget as a Pilot Ministry for PBB

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