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2012 Consultative Group/Annual Partnership Meeting & MDBS Annual Review



Theme: “Leveraging Partnership in a Transitional Middle Income Country for Sustainable Economic Growth and Development.”

In an unprecedented move, the Government of Ghana and its Development Partners will convene at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel to hold back-to-back the 2012 Consultative Group/Annual Partnership Meeting and the MDBS Annual Review.  The meetings are scheduled to take place on the 18th, 19th, and 21stof June, 2012 at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel

Consultative Group/Annual Partnership Meeting:

This forum will discuss Government's development priorities for the coming year and seek to strategically align external assistance with these priorities .  The dialogue will focus around four topical issues including infrastructure, private sector development, capacity building and the Millennium Development Goals & Equity.  The meeting will also seek to validate a compact which is expected to guide the nature of partnership between the Government and its Development Partners as Ghana transitions to a lower middle income economy.

Multi-Donor Budget Support (MDBS) Joint Review:

The Government and its MDBS Development Partners will assess the overall progress of implementation of the Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA) and macroeconomic performance, as well as progress against the 2011 indicators of the MDBS Policy Matrix.   The Annual Review will also evaluate whether the underlying principles of the MDBS programme have been upheld in the past year, as outlined in the MDBS Framework Memorandum.   The outcome of the Annual Review will influence the amount of un-earmarked aid resources going directly into the national budget for 2013.

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