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Debt Management Division

The main debt management objective is to minimize the financial cost of the public debt while maintaining the market and operational risks at an acceptable level, taking into account the general objectives of the fiscal and monetary policies. To achieve this, the Division is challenged to pursue rigorously the following six (6) broad objectives:

  • Resource mobilization
    Raise adequate levels of funding to meet government’s financing needs at a minimum cost and prudent level of risk
  • Policy
    Pursue prudent debt management strategies and policies to maintain public debt sustainability
  • Research and Analysis
    Develop and strengthen research as a continuous tool to explore contemporary innovations in raising funds and to facilitate analysis and design of appropriate debt management policies and strategies
  • Operational framework
    Develop relevant systems, procedures and controls to improve operational efficiency and minimize risk within a framework of comprehensive business continuity plan
  • Staff development
    Attract, maintain and promote the needed skill mix of professionals within a comprehensive and systematic capacity development programme to confront the challenges in aid and debt management
  • Client service
    Promote satisfactory and improved client relationships


The Division intends to achieve the above objectives by observing the following core values:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Team Work
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Excellence and
  • Dedication.
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