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Debt Management Division


The functions of the Division are to be restructured under the following broad categories:

Back Office Functions-

  • Building and maintaining a comprehensive central external and domestic debt database
  • Implementing Ghana’s aid and debt management objectives, policies and strategies
  • Monitoring the overall utilisation of aid with the view to improving aid absorption capacity
  • Managing loans “on-lent” and ensure timely recovery of debt repayment &
  • Implementing Ghana’s Debt Relief Initiatives, debt reorganisation and restructuring

Middle Office Functions-

  • Advising on suitable sources of funding for government projects and programmes
  • Formulation, implementation and updating the country’s debt management objectives policies and strategies
  • Carry out regular analysis of the public debt portfolio and provide appropriate advice
  • Designing and implementing the overall risk management strategies
  • Evaluating loan proposals

Front Office Functions

  • Assist in negotiating prudent terms and conditions for new financing commitments
  • Negotiate debt refinancing, reorganization, rescheduling and/or restructuring
  • Investor and Development partners’ relations


The Division currently manages the total public debt which includes all financial obligations over which Government exercises direct and indirect control.

In this regard, the Division manages and reports on direct government debt and guaranteed debt which may be categorised into but not limited to, direct government to government loans (also known as bilateral loans), multilateral loans, trade credits (include; Letters of Credit, Promissory Notes, etc), commercial loans, other structured financing facilities and all forms of grant with maturities spanning from short term (usually one year or less), medium (more than a year but less than five years) to long term (five years and more).

Targeted Scope of Operation

In addition to the current scope, the ADMD intends to capture all implicit and explicit contingent liabilities. These should include:

  1. All forms/types of publicly guaranteed and non-guarantee external private debt.
  2. The targeted instrument of coverage will also be extended to include other sophisticated operations like credit and commodity derivatives, financial leasing, and trading commercial papers.
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