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Leadership of the Budget Division

The following are the senior management positions within the Division.

The Director of Budget

The Director of Budget is the Head of the Budget Class.  The Office of Director develops government-wide policies and provides strategic direction to improve financial management, reporting, and budgeting systems, advises the Minister on resources to be allocated to the public sector and the level of resources to be allocated to individual programmes and activities.  The Director oversees the preparation and implementation of the Budget and ensures that systems are established throughout the public sector to ensure efficient budgeting for the use of resources.

The Director of Budget is also the Administrative and Technical Head of the Budget Division of the Ministry and is responsible for all the Budget functions within the Ministry of Finance. The Director of Budget therefore in addition to the national duties has oversight responsibility of the operations of the Division and under him are 7 Units and 5 Sectional Heads. The Director of Budget has a Secretariat that provides secretarial and administrative support to the Directorate.


The Director of Budget’s Secretariat

The Secretariat Head is responsible for all administrative and logistics requirements of the Director of Budget. The Head has the responsibility to provide efficient and effective secretarial support to the Director of Budget as well as managing reception for the Office of the Director.


Unit Head, Budget Development

The Unit Head has the responsibility for coordinating the process for preparation of the national medium-term and annual Budgets, related Government policies, reviewing processes and systems in the Budget cycle, guidance for and training of MDAs’ Budget Officers as well as overseeing the management and control of Central Votes provided for in the Budget.


Schedule Heads, Budget Execution

The Schedule Heads for Budget Execution are to ensure adherence to budgetary control measures, supervise the Budget execution processes and make recommendations to the Director of Budget in relation to their assigned sectors, sector MDAs or obligations. They also have responsibility for implementation of the approved national Budget in line with the Appropriation Act and Economic Classifications.

The Heads in addition assist the Budget Development Unit and MDAs to prepare their MTEF Budget, analyse MDAs’ budget performance, represent the Budget Division on MDA Budget Committees and provide budget implementation status reports and policy briefs on programmes and activities implemented under MDAs’ budgets.


Unit Head, Public Expenditure Management

The Public Expenditure Management Unit Head is responsible for cash and Treasury management, (including issuance of cash ceiling instructions), revenue and expenditure review, analysis and reporting, commitment and contracts management as well as the monitoring and reconciliation of fiscal data.  The Unit also coordinates the PEFA Assessment and IMF PFM reform mission programme.


Unit Head, Non-Tax Revenue Unit

The Unit Head oversees the mobilization and management of non-tax revenue and Internally Generated Funds (NTR/IGF) by MDAs, including all other organisations that subsist on the budget and generate NTR/IGF.  The officer in charge also facilitates the payment of dividends in respect of Government Equity Investment in State Owned Enterprises and Joint Venture Companies (SOEs/JVCs).

The Unit Head is responsible for developing policy initiatives to improve NTR mobilization and management across SOEs/JVCs and MDAs as well as harness the potential of NTR/IGF. In addition, the post holder undertakes monitoring and evaluation of NTR/IGF performance and periodic legislative reviews for NTR/IGF enhancement.


Unit Head, Budget Reforms

The Head of the Budget Reforms Unit is to facilitate the implementation of all Budget reforms including the introduction of Programme Based Budgeting and Fiscal Decentralisation, ensuring strengthening of each element of the budget process. The Budget Reforms Head also advises the Director of Budget on issues relating to Budget Reforms and provides strategic and policy guidance to the MDAs Budget Working Group.


Unit Head, Compensation of Employees

The Head of the Unit is responsible for compensation negotiations, implementation monitoring, reconciliation and validations of Compensation of Employees’ in the budget (including biometric data).


Unit Head, Fiscal Decentralisation

The Head of the Fiscal Decentralisation Unit is to coordinate intergovernmental fiscal relations of central government and MMDAs. The Unit Head oversees inter-governmental fiscal transfers, including provision of advice on related Government policies, reviewing processes and systems in the transfers cycle, providing guidance for and training of MMDAs, as well as to supervise the local government financing arrangements at the MMDA level through the implementation of a composite budget which is to link the MMDAs budget system with the national budget process.

The Unit Head has the responsibility of providing a wide range of support to the Director of Budget and advices the Director in the area of quality assurance and research issues. He also provides the function of custodian of policies, guidelines and manuals of the division.


Unit Head, Budget Technical Assistance and Support

The Head is responsible for the development and provision of direction in the use of Information Technology as well as IT systems support to all the units of the Budget Division and is responsible for all Budget technical issues in relation to budget systems both at the national and the MMDAs level.  The position is also responsible for linkages with the GIFMIS system as well as to ensure that electronic reports from the GIFMIS, Budget or electronic systems put in place are generated.

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